Round Rock Express creating family meals to help those impacted by COVID-19

Round Rock Express creating family meals to help those impacted by COVID-19

ROUND ROCK, Texas — The sound of fans cheering, home runs and strike-outs were suppose to be what the month of April consisted of for the Round Rock Express.

Instead, the MiLB season was pushed back due to COVID-19.

Now, without a ballpark to feed, the Express is using that food to put together meals.

“Obviously once the COVID-19 stuff hit, we’re not able to do that in traditional means,” explained general manager Tim Jackson. “Can we get some of this off property but also help people?”

Hot dogs, hamburgers and pulled pork sandwiches are just some of the meals the Express has put together for families.

Each box not only contains enough food to feed a family of four for five days, but also includes essentials like butter, eggs, toilet paper and paper towels.

“It speaks volumes to what they really stand for,” said Justin Peacock as he picked up his box with his wife and two kids.

The meal kits cost $175 pus tax and can be ordered on the Express webstie.

“Everybody’s making do with what they’ve got,” said Peacock, “and we thank the Express and everybody for doing this for us.”

Once customers have ordered their meal kits, they drive to the Dell Diamond right field gate, text the phone number provided with their name and car description and a staff member will load their kits into their vehicle.

“If it gets them thinking baseball and Round Rock Express and gets them excited about the season that happens, whenever that is, certainly we’re happy to do that,” said Jackson.

“It’s sad, but it’ll come back around, and when it does we’ll be back to root on the Express,” said Peacock.